So, here you are, wanting to find out a little more about us and we totally understand why! There are a lot of competition companies out there right now and it’s really difficult to know which ones are real…right?

Our aim at Win This Competitions is to put your mind at rest and be assured that when you hand over any of your hard-earned money, it’s in safe hands. We could give you all the assurances in the world, but it still doesn’t mean that you’ll have the trust in us – we wish it was that simple!

What we can do, is point you in a direction that might give you the peace of mind you are looking for and that lies in the things we do. So, for example:

  1. All our competition draws are LIVE on Facebook, this gives you reassurance that we are indeed real people, operating a real business and have real prizes.
  2. We have NEVER and will never extend a competition, this means that when you buy a ticket from us and it shows you the competition draw date, someone will win the prize on the date stated and this is REGARDLESS of ticket sales.
  3. EVERY prize we have ever offered has been won by one of our participants, see our winners on both our website and on our Facebook page.
  4. We have NEVER given a smaller cash prize pot when tickets haven’t sold out. If we say you’ll win that prize…it is that prize that will be won.
  5. We operate from a registered business premises in Plympton (near Plymouth) and welcome you to pop along any time to have a chat and if you fancy it, a cuppa too!
  6. We are a registered business with Companies House & HMRC (Our Limited Company name is Picha Media Limited)

Our investment in Win This Competitions is all about you and we hope that our website and our app will give you the very best experience when buying a ticket from us. This investment may seem insignificant to most, but trust us, it’s no small investment to have a website & app that is bespoke built for your enjoyment, whilst also hoping that it demonstrates that we are serious about you…our customer.

The names to look out for are Leon & Ollie, together we run Win This Competitions and we both have a passion for what we do. It has been said (by our regular customers) that we can be a little fussy with our prizes, that’s true, but it’s only because we believe that if you’re entering a competition it’s because you want to win a prize that you really want, not something that is just a money making machine for us.

We won’t try and deny that we are a business and therefore, we do have to make some money for ourselves, just like you guys when you go out to work in the morning. Our costs are calculated very carefully and that’s because our focus is to give you the best odds and best priced tickets we can, whilst ensuring there is still something there for us.

Finally, if you ever want to come and meet us at Win This Competitions we’d love to see you at our HQ. You don’t need a reason, so whether that’s just for a coffee or to get ‘up close & personal’ with the amazing prizes we have on offer…you’re welcome anytime!

Thanks for visiting us and please enjoy what we do. Leon & Ollie. x



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